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Why I Don't Do Day-Of Coordination and What I Offer Instead

This is something I get asked about a lot, so let’s just chat about it.

If you’ve scrolled my services lately, you’ll see that I only offer month-of coordination, not day-of.

This often leads to brides calling me up or sending me an email asking if I do day-of coordination.

The short answer is no.

The long answer is no, and you’ll understand why in a second.

In the wedding planning industry, day-of coordination means just that–day-of.

It means I show up to your wedding with no prior knowledge or time spent learning your wedding, learning your preferences, getting to know you and your vendors.

It means you have everything prepared and I show up the day of your wedding to make sure that we stay on schedule (that you’ve prepared).

It means I don’t come to the rehearsal or help you plan in any way.

Why don’t I do this type of planning? It doesn’t set either of us up for success.

It almost guarantees that things will fall through the cracks or get missed. It means that I can’t give you and your wedding the time and attention you both deserve.

Who the heck wants that?

Maybe you, and that’s ok! No judgment. Just consider what this all means. I’d literally only recommend this service to folks that are in the industry or have crazy good planning skills.

If you don’t want that, give co-planning a thought.

It's what I offer in place of day-of and month-of coordination.

The burden of planning falls mostly on the client, but I'm still available to answer any questions, ensure they are staying on track and are completing the tasks they need to when they need to.

Though services start the moment you hire me and we have at least 3 hours of planning meetings, the bulk of our time together starts around 90 days from your wedding.

Yes, you’re going to pay more because I’ll need to invest more time and energy into the wedding. But isn’t that what you want?

A second set of eyes to think about everything that you maybe missed?

Someone to say, “I don’t think that’s what you want, and here’s why?”

Someone to help you find the perfect vendors?

Someone to help keep you on track budget-wise?

If that’s not what you want, I totally understand.

But here’s the bottom line: my job is to educate you.

Not sell you the most expensive package I can and just show up.

Not to manage your wedding from afar.

What do I mean by educate? I mean taking the time to walk through every piece of your wedding with you and give you as much feedback and information as possible.

I’ll tell you why your wedding is costing more than you think it should.

I’ll tell you that having a completely open, premium bar is a total waste of money.

I’ll tell you that you don’t need half of what’s on the floral quote you got.

I’ll also tell you when your Pinterest-inspired seating chart or champagne wall is probably not necessary.

I want us both to walk away from our time together with 100% peace of mind. You know you made the right decisions when it comes to your wedding and I know my client is going to have the best day possible.

Because when something goes wrong (and so sorry, but it will) I want to be able to know what Plan B and C are. I want to know what you’d want to do without having to ask you.

And Day-Of coordination just doesn’t allow me to get to know you so well that I can make those decisions at the drop of a hat.

Still not convinced? Book a call with me today and I’ll show you exactly why you don’t want me as just a Day-Of Coordinator.

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