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Maid of Honor & Bridesmaids' Duties

Typically, your MOH and bridesmaids are your nearest and dearest who’ve supported you throughout the years. It’s a culmination of your best relationships, which also means it’s a culmination of personalities.

When working with your bridal party, the best thing you can do is set clear and reasonable expectations. Things like projects you want them to help with, events that you want them to attend, and even planning assistance. Being clear and upfront about your expectations will ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Here’s a running list of things you can have your bridal party help with. It is not definitive or all-inclusive, so be sure to add your own! Note–the bolded tasks are typically done by the MOH.

  • Plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party

  • Go wedding dress shopping and help pick out bridesmaids dresses

  • Help tackle DIY projects

  • Order your dress on time and get the necessary alterations done

  • Be there for the bride

  • Run any last-minute errands

  • Spearhead communication in the bridal party

  • Keep track of gifts at the shower

  • Get hair and makeup approved by bride for day of

  • Serve as legal witness

  • Be a point of contact

  • Hold rings and bouquet

  • Give a toast at the reception

  • Keep the bridal suite tidy

  • Help bride put on her dress

  • Have brides’ phone for social media (or choose someone to be in charge of it)

  • Assist the mother of the bride and other special guests

  • Keep the energy high and positive

  • Smooth out any potential problems and conflicts the day of and leading up

  • Ensure the bride gets plenty of water and food the day of the wedding

  • Help ensure family is present and paying attention during family photos (same with bridal party during those photos!)

  • Round up gifts, cards and decor at the end of the night

  • Be on the dance floor with the bride

  • Assist in helping bride use the restroom

  • Have fun!


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