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Formerly Melena Guevara Design, Sage + Slate has been in business since the beginning of 2020.  With over 8 years of professional event planning experience, Sage + Slate is eager to continue to provide excellent, budget-friendly wedding planning services for their clients.  

We approach planning holistically by looking at the couple and their journey together, finding meaningful pieces of their story and weaving them into the event.  Sage + Slate also loves to form a genuine bond with each couple so that we aren't just their planners, we're also their friends.   

After planning my own wedding, I fell in love with the process.  I adore my job and love providing resources for brides in every way possible.  When I'm not working on a wedding, I love spending time with my dogs and baby girl, sharing content on Instagram or TikTok, making one-of-a-kind gifts for couples or sharing my latest favorite purchases on my own Insta.

Meet Melena

Owner &

Head Planner


Hey!  I'm Melena (my friends call me Mel!)  I'm a former bride and I've been through what you're going through.

There's no sugarcoating it--planning a wedding is a full-time job.  Maybe you're unsure where to start.  Maybe you just need help the day of.  Either way, I'm here to help you make your vision come to life with grace and ease.  


I'm passionate about helping other brides go from feeling stressed, frazzled, or on the verge of a breakdown to knowing exactly what needs to be done so they too can have their dream, Pinterest-worthy wedding.  And with over eight years of experience in event planning, I've got the logistics, schedules, and organization down pat.  All you need to do is sit back, relax, and allow me to design the wedding of your dreams.  


I love making my clients feel heard.  I'll never tell you no and I'll be sure to keep your vision and desires at the heart of our planning journey. I want to be your go-to gal for everything wedding-related!


Ready to take the next step?  Set up a call with me here!



When I'm not planning (which is rare, TBH, because it's just who I am) you can find me

  • working on my other business, Babe to Bride

  • mentoring other female entrepreneurs

  • working out or walking my pups 

  • hanging out with my bestie and mini me, Austin Marie

  • reading a good book

  • watching Mission Impossible or 007 movies

  • organizing the next weekend trip with my friends (see? I'm always planning!)

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