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Common Misconceptions About Wedding Planners

Photo by Emma Hopp.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re getting married. Yay! Let the wedding planning commence.

Since you’re here on my site, reading my blog, that probably means you’re trying to decide if you need a wedding planner or if one is even worth the price. Girl, I hear ya! Nowadays, with the bombardment of inspiration and “how-tos” available on literally every social media site ever invented, you might be thinking of taking on this task alone. While I KNOW you’re totally capable of smashing your wedding planning goals, let me breakdown some of the common misconceptions about hiring help which might just change your mind:

MISCONCEPTION #1: “They’re not worth the money” OR “I can’t afford one."

Wedding planners ARE an investment, but if you hire the right one it’s money well-spent. The average wedding costs about $35,000—that’s a ton of money! The average wedding planner can cost anywhere from $5,000-$10,000, while a day-of coordinator will typically cost $1,500-$2,000. So why hire one? A great wedding planner will:

· Take responsibilities off your plate, like dealing with vendors, scheduling appointments, and other nitty-gritty stuff.

· Help you build your budget (or build it completely!)

· Help you schedule

· Refine your vision and expose you to new trends or ideas

· Have done it before

· Give you expert guidance and an outsider’s opinion

· Offer you advice on sticky situations

· Provide you with day-of assistance (like making sure the schedule stays on point and feeding you food, water and maybe champagne)

· Help make sure you protect the money you’ve invested thus far

MISCONCEPTION #2: “They’ll make your wedding all about them.”

I can’t speak for other wedding planners, but ya girl’s already had her big day (check out my Instagram if you don’t believe me! #sorrynotsorry). I’m all set on a husband and have had my wedding; my job is to make sure you:

· Know what’s important and what’s not

· Aren’t spending more than you need to

· Have someone to vent, cry or b*tch to

· Get what YOU want

· Have the wedding of your dreams

Photo by Emma Hopp.

MISCONCEPTION #3: “My mom can plan my wedding.”

I’m sure your mom is more than capable, but I’m also sure she’d rather enjoy the best day of her daughter or son’s life than run around to make sure the groomsmen behave, the cake gets delivered, and the schedule runs smoothly. Plus, unless you pay them, your mom or other family friend won’t take planning as seriously as a pro. Wedding planners also have valuable insight as to the nuances, logistics and details that go into planning a wedding, not to mention industry contacts ya momma just don’t know.

MISCONCEPTION #4: “Venue coordinators and wedding planners are basically the same thing.”

Listen, good venue coordinators are INVALUABLE. We love venue coordinators! They know the venue and space better than we do; however, they work for the venue, not you. Professional wedding planners help with the budget, event design, table set ups, layouts, schedules…the list goes on FOR-EV-ER. Even the best wedding coordinators will only provide a general timeline or make suggestions for vendors. One’s not better than the other, they’re just different!


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